Who we are.

We’re clever people with mojo who actually love what we do. We also make signage dreams happen. Cranium signage is a team of like-minded individuals with unique experience and expertise, working in a collaborative environment to produce top quality products. Our unrivalled passion and enthusiasm has ensured we are at the top of our game and leading the way into the future. From the concept stages to installation we create a brilliant experience with results we are proud of.

"The only way to do great work, is to love what you do."

- Steve Jobs


We make signage. Signage of any size or specification.
Creating innovative signage solutions comes second nature to us. We work with a mix of advertising agencies, interior designers, local businesses and both New Zealand-based and international corporations. There’s an almost unreasonable passion in our work, passion in the relationships we forge with our customers and in the outstanding effectiveness of the final product.

Production & Manufacture

We specialize in fleet livery, building signage and custom display units. Our fully- equipped production facility allows us to build in-house, giving us full control over quality and manufacture cost. We have close relationships with our suppliers and use only the best materials in our signage production process.

Project Management & Installation

Expertly project managed from our Auckland office, we install signage from the Cape to Bluff and everywhere in between.
Our nationwide network of signage installers means that we’re not limited by location, and can roll-out projects within the tightest of deadlines. Our project management team works closely with our clients and caters to their individual needs. Cranium installers are the best at what they do for one simple reason - we only hire the best.


Services We Offer:
  • HP Latex wide-format printer
  • Fujifilm Acuity UV roll-to- roll printer
  • Epson SureColour printer
  • Wide-format laminator
  • Wide-format laminator
  • Graphtec vinyl cutter
  • Rollover mounting table

Fabrication Department

Services We Offer:
  • Esko Multi-Cut flat bed router
  • Acrylic folding and fabrication team

Electrics department

Services We Offer:
  • Aluminum and Steel Welding technology
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